An interesting article today in the magazine Lawyers Weekly re ‘pre-nups’:

As quoted in the article by an experienced family lawyer;

“…pre-nups were in the past thought of to be an agreement for the “uber rich”, they are now increasingly regarded as important and necessary risk management insurance against a relationship breakdown. This is especially so for business people, those from the ‘big end of town’ or those embarking on a second or third relationship and wanting to protect financial and other assets should the relationship fail’… The point to remember is that pre-nups are absolutely legally enforceable. These agreements are not one-sided. They serve to protect the financial assets that each partner brings to the relationship”… They can also be used to protect the inheritance rights of children and other beneficiaries from a previous marriage or relationship.?

Even if ultimately not pursued, anyone entering a serious relationship or considering marriage, should consult a lawyer such as Springdale Legal.