Nowadays, options for your funeral and/or disposal of your body go far beyond burial or cremation, and your preferences are something that needs to be in your Will. As well as carrying out your wishes, it provides surety at a difficult time for your family and Executor.

An interesting article at looks at the most new novel ways to dispose of your body.

Alkaline hydrolysis has your body dissolved down to liquid and poured on plants when you die, while nitrogen treatment has your body snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed into little pieces.

A ‘green’ burial places the body in a biodegradable wicker basket or shroud, and instead of a headstone, uses a GPS locator, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Disposal of the body is only one of the many non-property matters that should be considered in a Will to provide certainty and ensure that your wishes are carried out. The ownership/custody of pets is also important, as is the maintenance of a treasured vegetable garden, or a myriad of other matters which must be dealt with soon after death. Apart from financial aspects of you Estate, these matters are one reason why it is important to see a lawyer for Succession Planning as soon as you can.